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Tuesday March 03, 2015 03:14 pm
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Vassie Balkcum Dead at 84
Posted: Jul 07, 2011 09:16 am
By: Bill Johnston

WGBR Goldsboro is a radio station that Mr. Vassie Balkcum made into his own. It was a radio station that reflected his style, professionalism, and vision for radio and the way broadcasting was to be done. It was also a tool he could use to communicate with people in Goldsboro and all of Eastern North Carolina about how wonderful a place this was; and what it could be.

He was also famous for hosting a late-night program called "Night Dreams". For years, folks went to sleep hearing his music, his voice, and the poetry made for lovers.

WGBR was also considered one of the best quality radio stations in North Carolina. A "Heritage" station, it's one of the strongest 5kw AM stations in the Southeast US.

Longtime FCC Attorney Wade Hargrove described the sound of the station and Vassie as "network quality".

Locally Vassie was a past President of the Goldsboro Rotary Club; past President of the Wayne County Chamber of Commerce; past vice chair of the Military Affairs Commission; longtime Chairman of the Goldsboro Planning Commission; and past Chairman of the Board for Wayne Memorial Hospital.

Curtis Media purchased WGBR and WEQR known as Eastern Carolina Broadcasting in 1989.

This morning at 1:00am, Vassie passed away. He was 84-years old.

He was a magnificent broadcaster, a great friend of the WGBR, and a great friend of mine.

During his career he accomplished alot. In addtion to being the owner/operator of WGBR and WEQR, he was a member of the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters, he was a former President, and is a member of the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame. He was also the past President of the Tobacco Radio Network, and the North Carolina News Network.

Every day you can hear his voice doing the imaging for the station he loved, News Talk 1150, WGBR.

He will be missed!

The picture we have of Vassie was taken while he was at the podium accepting his Hall of Fame award.